Chartered by
    NDIA-Tennessee Valley Chapter

    The Space and Missile Defense Working Group (SMDWG) has provided over 25 years of technical leadership, support, and education for the defense of our deployed forces and our nation from ballistic and cruise missiles.
    The Scope of the SMDWG is:

    • Education of the general population and elected representation on space and missile defense issues.
    • Support collective and informed advocacy on Space and Missile Defense programs
    • Assist in the decision making process with respect to Space and Missile Defense
    • Educate the general population and elected representation on Space and Missile Defense
    • Encourage and facilitate the exchange of information between industry and government with particular reference to Space and Missile Defense
    • Membership is open to all members of industry, government, and the local community who are concerned with space and missile defense issues and are members of the NDIA
    • NDIA-TVC provides oversight and representation to NDIA National
    • Proposed activities are approved by NDIA-TVC Board
    • Chair and or Co-Chair of Space and Missile Defense Conference and Exhibition every other year
    • Monthly meetings to discuss recent events related to Missile Defense
    • Periodic informal talks by Government and Civilian personnel related to Missile Defense programs and plans (presentations/talks are for non-attribution)
    • Graduate fellowships for the continued pursuit of degrees related to Missile Defense



    • SMD Technologies paper - Early 1990s
    • Survey of whether people supported a National Missile Defense - Early 1990s
    • “Threat of Ballistic Missiles to the United States” paper - mid 1990s
    • Cruise Missile Defense paper - late 1990s
    • “America at Risk” video - May 2000
    • US Army Kwajalein Atoll/Kwajalein Missile Range paper - June 2001
    • “Ballistic Missile Defense, Defending Our Country from Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles” paper on BMD testing - August 2002
    • “Redstone Arsenal, 60 Years of Military, Industrial, and Educational Excellence” paper for the BRAC committee - September 2004
    • “Redstone Arsenal Center of Excellence for Missiles and Rockets” paper for PEO Missiles and Space - May 2006